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The "Happy Chinese New Year" Gala celebrating
the 40th anniversary of China-Zimbabwe diplomatic relations a full success

 On January 13, the"Happy Chinese New Year Gala" was held at 7 Arts Theatre, Harare. It was the first art exchange event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Zimbabwe in 2020. The art troupe from China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater presented a high-level artistic feast to the audience. Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe H.E.Mr. Guo Shaochun and his wife, Counsellor Wang Wei,Minister Counsellor Mr. Zhao Baogang and his wife, Commercial Counsellor Mr. Chen Ning, Hon. Minister Monica Mutsvangwa of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr. Nicholas Moyo, Director of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, representatives of diplomatic corps, the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Chinese Business Association, the Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Fujian General Associationand many local friends attended the event. The number of audience stood at around 1000.

In his speech, Ambassador Guo said that Spring Festival is the most important Chinese Festival with a history of more than two thousand years. It marks the end of a year and the beginning of another when we reunite with our families and look to the future with joy and optimism. Today, the celebration of Spring Festival has spread far beyond China's borders and is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. It has attracted more and more foreign friends and overseas Chinese gather together for sharing happiness and experiencing the unique charm of Chinese culture.

Ambassador Guo said thatjust a few hours ago, H.E. Mr Wang Yi, State Councillor and Foreign Ministerof the People's Republic of China successfully completed his visit to Zimbabwe and his visit to Africa. It has been 30 years in a row that Africa has been the destination for the Chinese Foreign Minister's first overseas visit each year.This is a fine tradition of China's diplomacy and no other major country has similar practice. This fully shows the high priority China attaches to developing its relations with Africa as well as ever stronger China-Africa friendship. The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe is very pleased and proud that Zimbabwe is an important and last stop of State Councillor Wang Yi's trip to Africa, Which shows China's special trust in Zimbabwe. During his visit, Mr. Wang met with H.E.President Emmerson Mnangagwa,Hon. Acting President Chiwenga and held talks with Hon. Foreign Minister Mr. Moyo.The two sides exchanged in-depth views on China-Zimbabwe relations and issues of common interests and reached important consensus, which will inject new and important impetus to the long-term development of China-Zimbabwe relations.

Ambassador Guo said thathe wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone present for the support rendered for the continuous development of China-Zimbabwe friendshipand the work of the Embassy over the past year.He wanted to specially thank Chinese compatriots and Chinese enterprises in Zimbabwe for their support for and participation in the development of China-Zimbabwe relations.

Mr. Tao Cheng, President of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, in his speech, said that the National Art Troupe of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre came all the way over here tonight to present art program with strong Chinese characteristics, thereby expressing the Chinese people's sincere blessing to the people of Zimbabwe and the profound feeling of the motherland for the overseas Chinese in Zimbabwe. At this time, he wishes everyone present a Happy Chinese New Year for the year of Mouse on behalf of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater.

Mr. Taosaid that "Happy Chinese New Year" represents a "Golden Card" for the Chinese people all over the world to celebrate the Chinese New Year. For many years, China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater has been committed to promoting the excellent traditional culture of China, displaying the image of China, and telling Chinese stories successfully. In tonight's performance, performers will present dance, vocal and instrumental performance that is both colourful and joyful. He believes that their performancewill leave a beautiful chapter for the cultural exchanges between China and Zimbabwe.

Mr. Moyo, Director of National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, made a speech as the Guest of Honour. He said that it is his pleasure to be here to celebrate the Chinese New year. This celebration carries special significance to the people of Zimbabweand China, as it is being held at a time the two countries commemorate 40 years ofdiplomatic cooperation.Over the past four decades, China and Zimbabwe have developed tangiblecooperation with rich achievements in numerous forms, including aid, trade,investment, financing, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and mining. China hasprovided Zimbabwe with practical cooperation involving Mega-projects like theVictoria Falls and Robert Mugabe International Airport expansion projects, theHwange Thermal Power station expansion and the New Parliament Project.These developments are a vivid reflection of the Chinese government'scommitment to Zimbabwe.

Mr. Moyo said that in 2019, Zimbabwe hosted the 2nd Belt and RoadAfro-Sino Cultural Exchange exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe(NGZ).In the Creative andCultural sector, going forward, relations between Zimbabwe and China will beguided by the Executive Programme for the years 2020 to 2023 on Arts and Culturewhich came into effect on the 15th of November 2019.In the past 6 years, more than 50 thousand local youths haveparticipated in theDream Star competition that has been watched by more than 100 thousandpeople. Dream Star has afforded many artists to tour China and others to study there.In the New Year, Zimbabwe will further strengthen cultural exchanges with China and push forward the bilateral relations.

Artists from the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater brought wonderful performances to the audience by singing, dancing and performing classic music. The dance "Book Fragrance and Rites Music " shows the scene of Confucius setting up an altar under the apricot tree to give lectures and expresses the romantic feelings of ancient Chinese. The solo song "Tante" combines many traditional instruments, and integrates a variety of timbre,showing Chinese rhythm in a unique way. The instrumental ensemble "One Night in Beijing" is full of new ideas, leaving a deep impression on the audience.


Reporters from ZBC, Herald, Daily News, XinhuaNews Agency and China media group reported on the above activities.


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