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Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe held Lecture on
Zimbabwe Economic Situation

On August 1, 2019, Eddie Cross, a renowned economist of Zimbabwe gave a lecture on Zimbabwe’s economic situation at the invitation of the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe. Chinese ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr. Guo shaochun, political counsellor Mr. Zhao Baogang, commercial counsellor Mr. Chen Ning, representatives of various Chinese enterprises and staff of the Chinese Embassy, around 60 people in total, attended the lecture.

Mr. Cross elaborated on the history of Zimbabwe, from Monomotapa Kingdom and the origins of Ndebele and Shaona ethnic groups all the way to Zimbabwe’s independence and latest development, covering the history of ancient civilization, colonization and liberation struggle. Mr. Cross analyzed experience and lessons learned during the course of Zimbabwe’s development and gave a positive evaluation on political and economic reforms by President Mnangagwa, expressing his confidence in Zimbabwe’s prospect.

Mr. Cross spoke highly of China’s achievement in development, and agreed that China’s developmental experience could be drawn by a vast number of developmental countries. He appreciated that China has given significant assistance since the period of Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence till today when it’s on its way to development. He is looking forward to more cooperative outcomes of the bilateral cooperation, which will play its part in Zimbabwe’s national revitalization and bring tangible benefits to the Zimbabwean people.

Following the well-received lecture, Mr. Cross answered some questions in the Q&A session. Attendees said that the lecture was thought-provoking from which they grasped the knowledge of Zimbabwe’s past, present and future, and felt more confident in promoting bilateral cooperation unremittingly.

Before the lecture, ambassador Guo Shaochun had a brief meeting with Mr. Cross.

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