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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on China's Navigation Notice on the Expansion Project of Pinghu Oil and Gas Field

Q:Japan said that the radius of the maritime area for the Navigation Notice on the Expansion Project of Pinghu Oil and Gas Field has well exceeded 500 metres, which went against the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea stipulating that "Security zones shall not exceed a distance of 500 metres around operational installations". What's China's explanation on that?

A: China issued this navigational notice according to relevant international conventions and Chinese regulations. The purpose of issuing such a navigational notice is to ensure the security in the operational area and the navigational security of the bypassing vessels. China set the area according to the capability and characteristics of the vessels in operation, which totally tallied with international laws and relevant international practice.

Q: Some Japanese media reported that China had to cancel the navigation ban covering areas east of the "Medium line" due to the intense reaction from Japan, which was a proof that the "Medium line" is an accomplished fact and is effective. What's China comment on that?

A: China and Japan has not demarcated the East China Sea yet. The so-called "Medium line" is a unilateral claim by Japan which has no legal effect at all. China has never admitted it, nor will China admit it now or in the future. The so-called "an accomplished fact" is merely a wishful thinking of Japan.

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