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Chinese Embassy Women's Club Held "Experiencing Chinese Language Day" at Bindura Primary School



Chinese Embassy Women's Club, led by Ms. Liao Yuancui wife of Chinese Ambassador, held "Experiencing Chinese Language Day" at Bindura Primary School which is 80 km from the Chinese Embassy on November 29.

Club members were welcomed by a dozen of dancing boys and girls dressed in traditional Zimbabwean costumes upon arriving at the school. The headmaster showed the club members around school and gave a briefing on number of classes, curriculum and teaching facilities. After that, more than 50 students watched a short video about China prepared by the women's club. Two volunteers from the Confucius Institute taught them the basics of Chinese language. The students were eager to learn Chinese and full of longing for China.

Ms. Liao Yuancui said that China and Zimbabwe had a traditional friendship and this primary school was a testimony of the good bilateral relations. Since the students were very interested in Chinese language and culture, despite limitation of resources, the Chinese Embassy would try to facilitate Chinese language learning at this school in a proper manner. The headmaster appreciated the efforts by Chinese Embassy and encouraged the students to work hard and help to consolidate and enhance Zimbabwe-China friendship in the future.

The women's club also donated some books, stationeries and sporting goods to the school.


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