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Statement by H.E. Chinese Ambassador Huang Ping On Emergence Food Assistance to Zimbabwe At the Second Multi-Stakeholder Consultative Meeting


China and Zimbabwe are good friends, good partners and good brothers. The Chinese government and people attach great importance to the recent severe drought and famine in Zimbabwe and sympathize with the suffering of the affected people. In this regard, the Chinese government decided to provide rice as emergency food aid worthy of160 million Yuan (approximately 24.6 million US dollars) in grant to Zimbabwe, implementing President Xi Jinping’scommitment at the FOCAC Johannesburg Summit that in the next three years, the Chinese side would provide one billion Yuan in emergency food aid to African countries.

Currently, China is working closely with relevant departments of the Zimbabwean side to ensure food aid arrives in the disaster area as soon as possible, and to help alleviate the famine in the country. I believe,with the help of the international community, the Zimbabwean government and people will overcome the difficulties.

This donation is only one of the many cases of China-Zimbabwe cooperation in emergency food aid. In recent years, the Chinese government has provided 5 batches of emergency humanitarian food aids to Zimbabwe, including 7,500 tons of maize (in 2002 and 2006 in two batches), 4,000 tons of soybean (in 2007), emergency food assistance worthy of 90 million Yuan (in 2011 ) and rice worthy of 50 million Yuan (in 2014). In 2009, the Chinese government also donated 5 million US dollars to the World Food Program (WFP) providing 7,000 tons of maize to Zimbabwe.

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