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Ambassador Mr. Guo Shaochun met with Overseas Chinese Representatives
in Zimbabwe

On March 22, 2019, the new ambassador Mr. Guo Shaochun had a meeting with the representatives of overseas Chinese in Zimbabwe in Harare.

The attending representatives from the overseas Chinese community introduced their organizations respectively, shared the experiences of their development in Zimbabwe, and proposed suggestions on how to enhance security of the overseas Chinese in Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Mr. Guo Shaochun listened attentively to what the representatives said. He then said he could feel it is not easy to open a career for anyone, the embassy will earnestly study the suggestions that the representatives proposed.

Ambassador Mr. Guo then made a briefing on the development of current bilateral relations between China and Zimbabwe. He said in recent years the high-level of the two countries maintained close exchanges and political mutual trust between China and Zimbabwe was deepened continuously. He said though Zimbabwe’s economy is facing certain difficulties, the basic conditions are relatively good. He hoped that every overseas Chinese could enhance the confidence in the future of the development of Zimbabwe and in their own careers.

Ambassador Guo reiterated that Currently both China and Zimbabwe are facing important development opportunities and there is great potential for two countries’ cooperation. Both sides will continue to work hard to implement the consensus achieved between the two countries’ top leaders under the framework of Beijing Summit of FOCAC and the initiative of Belt and Road, promote communication and exchanges at both the central and the local levels, deepen the practical cooperation between the two in all fields such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, finance and infrastructure construction etc. and continue to take China and Zimbabwe’s comprehensive cooperation partnership relationship to a new and higher level. He hoped that everyone can actively get involved in the practical cooperation between China and Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Mr. Guo extended his thanks to all overseas Chinese in Zimbabwe for the important contributions they made to the development of Zimbabwe’s economy and society and to the improvement of the friendship between China and Zimbabwe for so many years. At the same time, he made proposals for the Chinese community: First, to strengthen solidarity and protect the collective interests of the Chinese community. Second, to uphold the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results, and actively integrate into the Zimbabwean society. Thirdly, to improve cultural exchanges and maintain a good image in the local society.

Ambassador Mr. Guo said, the most prominent characteristic of these years’ consular work is to emphasize more on the principle of putting people first and conducting diplomacy in the interest of the people, provide protection and better service to the Chinese overseas and uphold the people centered principle. The embassy in Zimbabwe will continuously serve Chinese overseas warmly, protect the legitimate interests of the Chinese in Zimbabwe and conduct practical work for all. He hoped everyone could continue to support the work of the embassy, promote the friendly cooperation between China and Zimbabwe for the greater benefits of the two countries and the peoples of the two nations.

The attending overseas Chinese highly commended Ambassador’s remarks and they said, they believed that under the leadership of the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe, they will have more confidence in the future of their own careers and life in Zimbabwe and they hope to work together with the embassy, and lift the relationship between China and Zimbabwe to a new level.

Around 30 people including representatives from Chinese Business Association, overseas Chinese Federation and other Overseas Chinese Groups, Ambassador’s wife, Counsellor Mdm. Wang Wei, and the Director of the office of the embassy, Mr. Bai Xuebing etc., attended the meeting.

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