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Mdm. Wang Wei attended the handover ceremony of donation towards ZPHCA

On Oct 8, Madame Wang Wei, wife of Chinese Ambassador Guo Shaochun attended a donation handover ceremony with the recipient being the Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association(ZPHCA) . The Director, the Patron and members as well as children of ZPHCA in a total of 200 people attended the event.

Mdm. Wang spoke highly of the fruitful and hard work ZPHCA has done for the welfare of handicapped children of Zimbabwe. She said, ZPHCA has successfully created a platform for the promotion and protection of Children’s rights so that every disabled child can enjoy their right and have access to equal treatment in society.

She said, Chinese embassy has been in close collaboration and cooperation with various organizations working for Children’s rights. In the past few years, Chinese Embassy has helped built school blocks, donated teaching equipment, gym equipment, food, wheelchairs and etc. Chinese Government has provided scholarship for vulnerable children in Zimbabwe to study in China as well as summer-camp opportunities for children in Zimbabwe. Today’s donation is another reflection of the support of the Chinese Embassy to Children in need of care and help in Zimbabwe.

Ms. Teresa, Director of ZPHCA expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the Chinese Government as well as the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe for the care, love and support rendered to disabled Children and their families in Zimbabwe. She said, it is with the selfless help and vigorous support with China that the welfare of those children has been uplifted with greater courage and confidence instilled into them.

Children sang traditional beautiful songs in reciprocity to the Chinese guests to the cheers of people at the ceremony. Chinese journalists stationed in Harare and Zimbabwean reporters covered the event.

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