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Exclusive Interview: China and Africa bound by
common history, mutual support, and shared future

On 6 December, Zimbabwean newspaper The Independent published the full text of an exclusive interview with Dong Weihua, deputy director-general of the research office of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. According to Dong, China and Africa have similar historical experiences, development priorities, and bright prospects for cooperation. Together, they can create a new model of South-South cooperation and deliver considerable benefits to their people.

Dong says over the past 70 years, China has gone through tremendous changes, lifting an impoverished country to prosperity within a short period of time. Such a China miracle was only achieved because China has established a socialist system different from the West and achieved much more than the West has been able to with their own system.

Dong says as China continues to develop, it will be more closely linked with the rest of the world, with increasing outbound investment. This is inevitable considering China's growth and current status in the world. In the globalized world, if a country wants to develop, it cannot solely rely on its domestic market and technology, but must work with others for common development. China's development cannot be achieved if other countries are struggling with unrest and poverty; only when other countries are rich and stable will China have greater room for development. That's a very important goal as China relates with other countries and promotes a community with a shared future for mankind.

"Before the reform and opening-up era, China was very poor and had no abundant resources to help African countries," Dong recalled, "Now that we are richer, we want to use our domestic resources to help African countries advance their development agenda." She further stresses helping African countries is also helping China itself.

She says China and Africa share the same colonial history and fought side by side against colonial rule. When the new China was founded, we already had a very good relationship with African countries. China won back its legitimate seat in the UN Security Council with the help of numerous African countries. Looking ahead, Dong is confident in the bright prospects for China-Africa cooperation. She says Africa is a continent with the greatest vitality; China is the country with the biggest development prospect in the world. If Africa joins hands with China, they will turn a new page in South-South cooperation and move towards the higher end of the global value chain.

On China-Zimbabwe relations, Dong commends the traditional friendship and great potential for cooperation between the two countries and encourages the two sides to share experience in governance under the Belt and Road initiative, better harmonize their respective development strategies, and continue carry forward the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

Link to the text of the interview: https://www.theindependent.co.zw/2019/12/06/zim-must-reform-to-develop/

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