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The Chinese Community in Zimbabwe actively make donations to Wuhan

For days after the new type of coronavirus virus breakout, the Chinese community in Zimbabwe are very much concerned with the development and make active donation back to China to provide their help.

In the face of sudden outbreak, Zimbabwe China chamber of commerce, the China council for the promotion of peaceful reunification, Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe fujian Chamber of commerce immediately issued a joint donation initiative, called for Chinese overseas in Zimabwe contributing to the fight against the coronavirus virus back to China. The Chinese community responded positively. Just four days (as 7 PM on January 30), there have been US$50000 and RMB 136700 cash received. Among them, Zimbabwe fujian Chamber of commerce to raise RMB136700. The donation is continuing, people who are responsible for domestic procurement are closely coordinated with manufacturer, trying to prepare the medical supplies and deliver to the coronavirus virus effected areas as soon as possible.

The Chairman of China chamber of commerce in Zimbabwe, Mr. Xinfeng li said, when our country is suffering major epidemic outbreaks, we Chinese in Zimbabwe are ready to make donations and provide help to our motherland, let's help each other and overcome difficulties.

The Chairman of Chinese Federation of Zimbabwe, Mrs. YuLing Cong, says although Zimbabwe is far from China, we overseas Chinese will give full play to help, I hope that more Chinese in Zimbabwe participate in donation. We will continue to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic dynamics, adhere to and support the initiative on epidemic prevention and control of the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe, cooperate to complete each work, help to win this battle.

Mrs. Cong not only actively organize donation activity, she also personally donate RMB 100000 after her children has donated RMB 500000 this time.

The President of the China council for the promotion of peaceful reunification, Mr. Xinju Wang said, we are very much concerned with the current situation, so we to carried out the donation in the first place. I hope that through our meager strength, we could offer some help to our motherland and the people living in epidemic affect area. No matter where we are, our hearts are always together.

So many people participate in this donation, despite of where they are and what they do, and there are many touching stories during the donation. The Chinese medical team in Zimbabwe also made a text book help people know how to prevent the coronavirus virus. They all believe that as long as we work together, we will win this fight eventually.

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