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China rejects all forms of discrimination

China opposes all forms of discrimination in any part of the world against any individual, group of population, and ethnicity.

In the face of the threat of COVID-19, China and Africa need solidarity more than ever before. The Chinese government, business community, and individuals are making their best effort to support African countries in countering the pandemic. Tough measures are being put in place around the world, including in China and Zimbabwe. Minimizing imported cases and guarding against a resurgence of the virus is the focus of China's fight right now. For this purpose, the understanding, support, and collaboration of all Chinese citizens and foreign nationals in China are needed. Throughout this fight, China treats all individuals in the country, Chinese and foreign alike, as equals. We do not differentiate our approaches. We implement a zero-tolerance policy on racial discrimination.

It is harmful to sensationalize isolated incidents or what is misunderstanding caused by insufficient communication. To misrepresent this as tensions between nations and races is dangerous. Since March, Zimbabwe has seen a series of cases in which Chinese nationals, with medical conditions unrelated to COVID-19, were refused treatment by local hospitals. Some Chinese individuals were even verbally and physically abused in the street. Instead of making waves with these cases, the Chinese Embassy and Chinese nationals and journalists in Zimbabwe chose to inform the Zimbabwean authorities. This is because we do not believe the Zimbabwean government and general population condone such behavior.

We have taken note of relevant reports. In response to the occasional incidents and misunderstanding in the process of implementing epidemic prevention and control measures in relevant places in China, we will communicate with the relevant parties timely to promote the improvement of working methods and make sure well-intentioned policies are carried out to a good effect. We also expect all foreign nationals in China to fully comply with the local policies aimed at controlling the pandemic and support and cooperate with the local authorities as they discharge their lawful duty. Only by working together can we win this tough battle.

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