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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Xin Shunkang at the Launch of Zimbabwe's Participation at World Expo 2010 Shanghai

Hon. Prof. Ncube,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very delighted to attend today’s official launch of Zimbabwe’s participation at World Expo 2010 Shanghai. Although I arrived in Zimbabwe to be Chinese ambassador only 6 months ago, I have always supported and endeavored to facilitate Zimbabwe’s participation at the Expo. Today’s function serves as a good opportunity for local people to learn more about the Expo. Please allow me, on behalf of all the Chinese Embassy staff, to give our best wishes to Zimbabwe for its success in the Expo!

The World Expositions, since the first one held in London in 1851, have already become an important platform for displaying historical experience, exchanging innovative ideas, demonstrating esprit de corps and looking to the future. The World Expo 2010 Shanghai will be the first registered one in a developing country, which gives expression to the expectations the world's people place on China's future development. Being the first World Exposition on the theme of city, Exposition 2010 will attract governments and people from across the world, focusing on the theme "Better City, Better Life." For its 184 days, participants will display urban civilization to the full extent, exchange their experiences of urban development, disseminate advanced notions on cities and explore new approaches to human habitat, lifestyle and working conditions in the new century. As far as we know, about 200 nations and international organizations as well as 70 million visitors from home and abroad would be attracted to take part in the Expo. The Shanghai Expo will definitely become a grand international gathering and a happy reunion of people from all over the world.

Of all the pavilions at the Expo, the Joint-Africa Pavilion is certainly the outstanding one. It’s the biggest overseas pavilion, which is consisted of forty-three independent exhibitions presented by 42 African countries and the African Union. Among them, I am glad to hear that the Zimbabwe pavilion has taken shape. It is aimed at showcasing how the country has been transforming the rural and urban communities for a better life. I am deeply convinced that Zimbabwe’s participation at the Expo will attract more foreign investment and tourists, therefore helping the country with its economic recovery. I also believe that Zimbabwe’s participation will also open a window for people from other countries to understand more about Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean people.

The Chinese Embassy has always been supportive of Zimbabwe’s participation in the Expo. We have helped to coordinate with the Expo Bureau about certain issues and tried our best to promote Zimbabwe’s participation in different levels. In order to create more awareness amongst Zimbabweans about the Expo and gather good suggestions Zimbabwe could benefit for its participation, we are also planning to hold a symposium in the near future. All the guests present here today are most welcome to the symposium. Let’s work shoulder to shoulder to make Zimbabwe’s participation in the Expo smooth and successful!

Thank you! Tatenda!

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